From the sea to your plate in the minimum time, for maximum taste and freshness!

KenFish Town is dedicated to providing quality food with high standards. Our fresh fish is delivered to us on a daily basis and is hand-prepared on the premises.

We do not use hydrogenated fats at any stage of the cooking process, instead opting for healthier vegetable oil. 

All our potatoes are sourced locally and chips are cooked until soft but crisp. The potatoes we use are chipped on a daily basis in a traditional way for extra flavour. All you need to do is add a touch of salt and vinegar.

Yet there is more to KenFish Town than just take-away Fish and Chips. We also have a variety of burgers and pies alongside the traditional Fish and Chip Shop favourites and a good selection of Veggie food including a homemade Buckwheat Veggie Burger.

We think we sell the best quality food in town and hope you do too.